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A protection system and design element in one by WaterBeck

Pool cover by WaterBeck

Taking a dip in your own pool gives that holiday feeling, if the water temperature is pleasantly warm. The optimal pool heating complements are custom-made automated swimming pool covers by WaterBeck. Not only do they keep the pool warm, but they also reduce energy costs by up to 80%.

Custom-made pool covers by WaterBeck, the optimal pool heating complement 

Pool covers by WaterBeck can be operated at the touch of a switch or button and prevent the water from cooling down. The bathing season thus becomes longer! With the help of solar slats, the water can also be heated in a climate-neutral way. The hollow chambers in the pool cover profiles offer outstanding insulating and buoyancy properties, reducing the running times of the heating and pumps for the pool owner. Energy costs for operating the pool are thus reduced by up to 80%. The investment therefore pays for itself within a few years.

The swimming pool covers are manufactured in Hamelin (Germany). Thanks to high-quality materials and great care in workmanship, the product is guaranteed to last. WaterBeck pool covers are available in many models, such as a variant with solar slats which heats the water up to 6°C. The anti-algae profiles were developed to control bothersome aquatic plants through minimising the growth of algae and therefore reducing the use of pool chemicals.

WaterBeck pool covers are easy to clean and resistant to climatic conditions, such as hail or UV radiation. They can also be retrofitted in no time at all, regardless of whether they are above-ground or in-ground models.

Automated swimming pool cover by WaterBeck

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